• B.J. Fulton inside observatory

    Supporting Innovative Scholars

    B.J. Fulton automated the search for planets orbiting Sun-like stars, freeing astronomers from manual telescope operations.

  • People on dock watching dolphin leap

    Jump in and Join Us

    Share the joy of discovery and fellowship of friends.

  • Emily First on lava field

    The Recipe for Lava

    Honolulu ARCS Scholar Emily First makes rock at high temperature in the lab to understand the eruptive style of volcanoes in the field.

  • Amy Hruska overlooking ocean

    Questions of Survival

    In the extinction capital of the world, Amy Hruska asks whether new birds can replace disappearing species in dispersing the seeds of native plants.

  • Two people in white lab smocks with computer equipment

    Searching for WIMPS

    Deep in an Italian mountain, Erin Edkins uses the Darkside-50 detector to see if Weakly Interacting Massive Particles might constitute Dark Matter.

  • Richard Ordonez in aloha shirt

    All Star Inventor

    Richard Ordonez designed technologies to boost astronomy observations and improve Space and Naval Warfare sensors.

  • Kelly Benoit-Bird on hill overlooking bay

    MacArthur Fellow and More

    Ocean Acoustic Researcher Kelly Benoit-Bird keeps accumulating honors since receiving her ARCS Scholar award.

ARCS Foundation Honolulu Chapter has awarded nearly $2 million in unrestricted awards to hundreds of fledgling scientists who seek to understand our world, improve our lives, protect our environment and create new technologies. From the inner workings of living cells to the composition of the farthest galaxies, their work continues to expand our horizons.