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Michael Honda found that the molecular compound mimosine helps giant leucaena, a plant used as fodder, survive drought and acquire iron from the soil. He describes his research and the value of the 2020 Kai Bowden ARCS Scholar Award. 

Toby Lee ARCS Scholar Award sponsor Niki Lee meets 2020 recipient Tristan McKenzie  to talk about the earth science scholar's use of field, lab and machine-learning techniques in his research monitoring the islands' precious groundwater.

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In an unusual career turn, 2013 ARCS Scholar Dr. Jabran Zahid applies the machine learning and data-analysis expertise he developed to study evolution of the universe to mapping the human immune system and understand immunomic questions such as the body's response to COVID-19. He discusses how and why in this podcast.

Astronomer Emily Levesque with microphone and photographic plate

2009 Scholar Dr. Emily Levesque provides engaging insight into astronomy and astronomers—including the transition from glass photographic plates to digital images—in presentations and her popular book The Last Stargazers. Read more

A University of Hawai‘i news video about ARCS Honolulu Chapter's contributions to the flagship Manoa research campus features 2013 scholars zoologist Raphael Ritson-Williams and bioengineer Ruthsenne Perron.