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Membership in ARCS Foundation Honolulu Chapter is all about camaraderie and commitment—the opportunity to join forces with other lively, intelligent women and help exceptional scholars reach their potential. Renew your membership today to invest in the promise of tomorrow. The ARCS Foundation fiscal year begins July 1; renewals are due by August 1.

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  • Active – contribute your time and/or talent along with discounted dues
  • Associate – participate as your schedule permits without volunteer obligation
  • Sustaining – skip annual renewals with a 10-year membership

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  • Junior – open to ARCS scholars from initial award through one year past post-doc
  • Friends – open to supporters who aren’t eligible or don’t wish to become members

How to Renew:

Download and complete the renewal form, available as a fillable PDF file or Word document.
Mail with your check to the address on the form
Pay electronically with your credit card or PayPal account using link below and email form to

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Life Member $150 dues + $150 obligation $300.00 USDAssociate $250 dues + $150 obligation $400.00 USDNew Sustaining (10-yr) + obligation $1,150.00 USDCurrent Sustaining/Life $!50 annual obligation $150.00 USD

ARCS Scholar Jennifer Salerno-headshot
Dr. Jennifer Salerno, Honolulu Scholar
“The 2009 ARCS Scholar Award allowed me to pay bills and living expenses so that I could cut down hours working at a restaurant to focus on my PhD research,” says the assistant professor in George Mason University’s Department of Environmental Science and Policy. She specializes in environmental microbiology, marine biology and coral reef ecology.
Diane Ragone, headshot
Dr. Diane Ragone, Honolulu Scholar
"I am proud to be an ARCS Scholar. The 1985, 1987 and 1988 ARCS Scholar Awards were critically important to my graduate education. Without this funding, I would have had to incur significant student loan debt," says the founder and director of the National Tropical Botanical Garden's Breadfruit Institute. "Thank you for all the incredible support for students in science. We need to support science now more than ever. "