About ARCS Honolulu Chapter

Honolulu Women Leaders on a Mission

Women gathered for holiday teaARCS Foundation Honolulu Chapter is an all-volunteer, non-profit orgnization that provides financial support to outstanding University of Hawai‘i students pursuing graduate studies and conducting research in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health.

Our members come from community, business, government and education sectors, united by our keen interest in things scientific and our strong commitment to advancing U.S. leadership in STEM fields … not to mention our delight in good company and fun events.

Join us! Contact Vice President for Membership Patty Lee at 808-261-1361 or arcshonolulu@gmail.com for more information.

Meet some of our exceptional members who have received ARCS Angel and ARCS Light Awards or read about our latest ARCS Scholars.

2019–2020 Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Sui-Lan Ellsworth (chapter affairs), Cheryl Ernst (national affairs)
Vice President - Membership: Patricia (Patty) Lee
Treasurer: Susan Moore
Recording Secretary: Rosalyn (Roz) Pearson
Corresponding Secretary: Ardine Ingraham
Ways and Means: Diana Wehrly
Scholar/Alumni Relations: Mandy Chen
University Relations: Cheryl Ernst
Immediate Past President: Patricia (Patty) Lee

Honolulu Chapter Members
Life Members Active Members Associate Members

Mary Jane Amundson
Patricia Cooper
Cheryl Ernst
Jane Katayama
Stephanie Laws
Patricia (Patty) Lee
Jacqueline (Jacquie) Maly
Margaret McFall-Ngai

Alanna Bodenstab
Mandy Chen
Sui Lan Ellsworth
Gail Grabowski
Ardine Ingraham
Sydney Kenny
Jana Light
Lois Magnussen
Marsha Magnussen
Susan Moore
Sarah Nordwall
Ann-Therese (AT) Palmer
Rosalyn (Roz) Pearson
Kristine Quershi
Shanaugh Robbins
Lani Sakoda
Sue Thacker
Sharman Torkildson
Diana Wehrly
Carol Wood

Elizabeth Asteriadis
Mariana Gerschenson
Jan Shoultz
Judith Sterling

Honorary Members

Cynthia Hunter
Jackie Takeshita
Joan Yanagihara