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Missed the ARCS Forward Discussion with Hall of Famer Heidi Hammel?

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2023

No worries! You can watch the recorded program at your leisure. The 1980s Honolulu ARCS Scholar and 2023 ARCS Scholar Hall of Fame inductee talks about how she got interested in astronomy, why a high school chorus class was critical to her success, and the emotions accompanying the James Webb Space Telescope launch after 20 years of advocating for the mission, as well as the evolution of observational tools, and her decision to give her observing time to younger scientists, and her pride in being a leader in communicating about science.

"The support I got from the ARCS Foundation was really helpful because it acknowledged that I was being a student of science and that I was legitimate," she says, reflecting on a time when discrimination against women was still overt.  "There are still many, many barriers. They are unconscious barriers so we're not done yet … Underrepresented groups are where we were 30–40 years ago. There's so much work we still need to do in science to make our field open and equitable to anyone who wants to become a scientist."

Dr. Heidi Hammel in front of an early JWST image of the Cosmic Cliffs