Founding board

Mrs. Charles M. Floyd II, President
Mrs. Dean C. Macho, 1st Vice President
Mrs. Robert C. Hogan, 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Cyril J. Mockridge, 3rd Vice President
Mrs. Peter G. Weelon, 4th Vice President
Mrs. Darrell Nordwall, 5th Vice President
Mrs. Don Van Dyke, Recording Secretary
Mrs. L. Bob Berger, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. George Reed, Treasurer

Mrs. Delphia Cupp, Parliamentarian
Mrs. Melvin G. Frailey, Jewelry and Special Awards
Mrs. James G. Lathrop, ARCScoops
Mrs. Alice Wheelon, Telephone
Mrs. Robert Maxey, Historian
Mrs. Phyllis Spalding, Advisor
Mrs. Lloyd Martin
Mrs. Adrian Perry
Mrs. Don Swan
Mrs. Carlyle Nelson (Hilo Hattie)
Mrs. King-Lit Ching
Mrs. W. Donald Castle
Mrs. E. Gordon Dickie

Supporting Science Since 1974

ARCS Foundation Honolulu was the seventh chapter chartered when it incorporated on Dec. 27, 1974. It remains the foundation’s fourth-oldest chapter.

Cynthia Hunter, Laurence Kolonel, Alan Teramura talking Honolulu celebrated ARCS Foundation, Inc.'s 50th anniversary with a luncheon at College Hill, home of the University of Hawai‘i president, in 2008. Cynthia Hunter, a Honolulu board member and ARCS Scholar alumna visited with UH respresentatives Laurence Kolonel, a cancer epidemiologist and 2005 ARC Honolulu Scientist of the Year, and Alan Teramura, dean of the College of Natural Sciences.



1974–76 Allene Floyd *
1976–78Margaret (Peg) Hogan
1978–79 Anne Swan *
1979–80 Marjorie (Marge) Garmhausen *
1980–81 Marion Fox *
1981–82 Laurie Siegfried
1982–84 Penny Anderson
1984–86 Virginia (Betti) Starbuck *
1986–87 Gladys Minchen
1987–88 Pat Hufford *
1988–90 Shelagh Kresser
1990–92 Mary Ezar
1992–94 Timmie Richards
1994–96 Margaret (Peg) Hogan
1996–98 Sydney Kenny
1998–00 Jackie Takeshita
2000–02 Patricia Cooper
202–04 Helena Sena
2004–05 Barbara Wong
2005–06 Cheryl Ernst
2006–08 Patricia (Patty) Lee
2008–10 Cynthia Hunter
2010–12 Susan Lampe
2012–15 Cheryl Ernst
2015– Patricia (Patty) Lee

* deceased